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Helping the environment one straw at a time.

Our Mission

At EMRLD 20 our goal is to provide environmentally friendly products that don’t take up space in landfills. By using responsibly sourced materials that are also biodegradable, we’re helping reduce the impact waste has on our planet. 

We also donate 20 cents of each product sold to an earth friendly charity. 

By buying our products, you’re actually helping the planet!

Premium Paper Straws

biodegradable products you can feel good about


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EMRLD 20 Fundraisers!

We’re launching our fundraising program! Richard Gahr High School in Cerritos CA earned $1,400 fundraising with us last spring. This is a great opportunity for students to raise money for their school.

New Straws!

We’re excited to announce new colors to our line of premium paper straws! Check out our Rose Gold and Pink Assortment, or the Rose Gold Solid and Stripes! They’re available on Amazon now!

What is EMRLD 20?

A small new company with the goal of selling products that benefit the environment. Our straws are made from FSC sourced materials, completely biodegradable, and super durable. In the future, we will offer a wide range of eco-friendly products to choose from. On top of that we will donate 20 cents from every sale to…





Thanks for your fundraiser inquiry! We’re honored to introduce the EMRLD 20
Fundraising Program designed to help you exceed your fundraising goals.

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We donate 20 cents from each sale to an earth-friendly charity. Help us by voting for your favorite charity. 

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